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We are a boutique recording studio that partners with musicians to achieve their creative vision from start to finish.

By combining organic and synthetic elements, providing thoughtful musicianship, and offering an innovative approach, Kingship artists always leave with tracks that stand out to the modern listener.

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After a song is written, choosing the instrumentation and arrangement is your next challenge. Looking for your song to sound modern, yet retain its organic feel? We’ve got you. Looking for your acoustic ballad to evolve into something more digital and current? We’ve got you too. Producing is the art of catching the vision from you (the artist) and managing the layout of the musical elements. Overall, we got you 🙂


Capture your musical elements. Choose the right mic for the right instrument during the right performance. We blend the best of the digital and analog worlds to create timeless yet modern recordings. Ask us about our robust mic collection- many of which come from our friends down the road at Telefunken!

Film Scoring + Design

Kingship composer Asher Condit has scored several indie films, including a number that are currently on festival circuits. Pricing varies significantly project by project, so please inquire directly about how we can make your film come to life.

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The song is king. Our definition of a song is lyrics+melody. At Kingship, book a songwriting session and we can investigate each aspect of your song to ensure it’s as dramatic, clear and emotional as you intend. With hundreds of songs and song collaborations, we provide genre-specific industry knowledge and modern insight to enhance your song- in whatever form it exists!


Mix elements (EQ, compression, spatial elements…) have become increasingly important and highly automated in modern recording. Much of your song’s soundscape and timbre are derived from smart mixing choices. If a song is a painting, then mixing is the gallery in which it hangs. Come paint your song today!


The final step before your release your music. At Kingship, we make sure your song translates on all playback mediums- optimizing through EQ and compression. Your final DDP will include WAV files and all tagged metadata.

who is kingship

Asher Condit

Indie Producer  for your pop jams

Who is Kingship

Asher Condit

Indie producer
for your pop jams

Why Work With Kingship?

Personal Approach

Working with Kingship you won’t get the old tired approach of a pre-packaged feel, but you’ll walk away with a custom sound that’s unique just like your vision.

Free Pre-Production Session

Before we begin work with new artists we want to meet you! We invite you to tour the studio, meet the producer/engineer and tell us your vision and goals for your music. If you don’t live nearby, Skype is great too!

Technically Sound + Creative Lead

With a background in both Music Theory and Mathematics, we have the unique ability to bring a technical and analytic perspective to our creative work in order to develop unique and memorable sounds.

Complete Production

Creating great tracks is a process and we’re here to support you ever step of the way. Have a track that’s not quite finished? We’ll help you get it there with one-on-one songwriting. Want to make your track radio-ready? We mix and master tracks so that they are exactly how you envision.


What Our Artists Are Saying

Cody Bondra & the Contraband

“Had the pleasure of recording here and the setup and service was amazing!  Asher has just what you need for everything. Knowledge, equipment and most importantly patience!  I will be heading back in the studio when there’s some time that opens up. Kingship is on the rise!”

American Amnesia - No Time For Redemption

Very professional, Asher is a really amazing guy to work with. It’s an amazing recording environment with an amazing person running it 10/10”

Melanie Champagne - In My Dreams

“Not only was his ear and knowledge about recording impressive but his knowledge regarding composition and songwriting proved to be so helpful throughout my time there. I’m so happy to call Asher a friend and I can’t wait to go back.”

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