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Kingship Recording Company

Boutique Recording Studio

Kingship is a boutique recording studio specializing in partnering with musicians to achieve their creative vision by offering services to take any song from start to finish.

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By combining organic and synthetic elements, providing thoughtful musicianship, and offering an innovative approach, Kingship artists always leave with tracks that stand out to a modern listener.

Meet Asher 


Hey, I’m Asher – the owner and musical mastermind behind Kingship Recording.

I credit my grandfather for my introduction to music, with the gift of my first keyboard. Ever since then I’ve been creating music and exploring how sounds are made.

Fast forward a decade or two and I’ve earned degrees in both Music Theory and Mathematics which gives me the unique ability to bring a technical and analytic perspective to my creative work in order to develop unique and memorable sounds.

As an accomplished producer and engineer, I now run the Kingship Recording Company as I wholeheartedly pursue my passion for songwriting and producing. Through my expertise and collaboration, I encourage my artist to do the same. I live with immense gratitude pursuing my dream as my career

When I’m not in the studio I love to travel with my wife Samantha and play Ultimate Frisbee/disc golf with my dog Spencer, who always makes it an adventure.

Cody Bondra & the Contraband

“Had the pleasure of recording here and the setup and service was amazing!  Asher has just what you need for everything. Knowledge, equipment and most importantly patience!  I will be heading back in the studio when there’s some time that opens up. Kingship is on the rise!”

American Amnesia - No Time For Redemption

Very professional, Asher is a really amazing guy to work with. It’s an amazing recording environment with an amazing person running it 10/10”

Melanie Champagne - In My Dreams

“Not only was his ear and knowledge about recording impressive but his knowledge regarding composition and songwriting proved to be so helpful throughout my time there. I’m so happy to call Asher a friend and I can’t wait to go back.”

Ready to get your music out of your head and onto a track?